Youth Sports Software for Volunteer Treasurers.

TreasureEase enables the treasurers of club sports teams and small groups to easily manage member money.


Treasurer Software

TreasureEase lets sports and other club treasurers, with little to no accounting experience, record and report the group's finances. The process is simple, accurate, and gives members secure access to their account statements on their computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Team Treasurer Software

TreasureEase sports treasury software makes it simple to create, balance, and maintain team funds.

Group Treasurer Software

TreasureEase club treasury software also makes it simple to create, balance, and maintain club funds or group funds.


This is just what our team needed! Thank You!
-Beth A.


I manage science clubs nationwide and TreasureEase works well for these groups of eight or ten members.
-Matt M.

Free for the Treasurer*

The subscription fee is distributed to the members automatically. TreasureEase makes this easy!

21 Day FREE Trial

Try TreasureEase for FREE for up to 21 days. No credit card required to sign up. No set up fees.

Pause your subscription anytime*

Between seasons? Puase your subscription for free, then return and up where you left off!


* Refer to the Pricing Policy for details.